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question group #1
1)How many different months have exactly thirty days in 2008?
 4  5  6  7 
2)A farmer has seventeen cows; all but eight die. How many cows does the farmer have left?
 11  9  8 
3)Which country is largest in terms of land mass?
 Spain  Peru  Italy  Australia 
4)What is the aprox. average height of a full grown man in the US?
 6'3"  5'9"  5'6"  5'5" 
5)In what year did the US declare its independance from Great Britain?
 1776  1492  1976  1942 
6)He finished all of the candy __________ for one last piece which he gave to me.
 except  accept 
7)Which is worth more?
 1 pound of dimes  1 kilogram of dimes